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From VIRTUAL ACADEMY AJEDREZ MUNDIALISTA «We have the best platform for online education in sports science. We are specialists in distance education of this sport. In our virtual academy you can study with your coach, you will have access to the play area for your online training 24 hours a day. You will be able to play tournaments and friendly games with your online classmates. In addition to sharing files of your games and tournaments with your coach, you will have access to a virtual library and a database for your learning.

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What We Offer

Online Coaching

we provide specialized online classes for our students of all age groups.

Academy Coaching

We also provide dictated face-to-face classes in our academy with prior appointment before.

Our Features

Online classes

Play games online with other students in the academy anytime. Games are saved for analysis. We take lessons online from our team of experienced chess coaches and FIDE rated players through audio-video calls.

Chess Account

Students are given a seperate chess account which is used to play, practice and learn chess online. Also the coach can interact and teach the students and assign practice sessions & assignments which can be analysed later.

Improve Your Game

Students can sharpen their calculation and visualization skills by playing blindfold chess against engine.

Practice & Assignments

Students get to solve daily assignments online and improve their calculation and tactical skills. Assignments are kept track and the students thinking pattern is identified by keeping track of their wrong attempts and time taken to solve problems.


Students tournament games are shared to the coaches for quick access and detailed analysis. We help the student learn from their mistakes and areas to improve by analyzing their tournament games. Students can share their games (PGN) which will then by annotated by the coaches.


Students’ progress are tracked on a daily basis and constant feedback will be given to them. We recognize the thinking and playing pattern of the students and nurture them to become a better chess player

Chess Database

Sharing PGN games and puzzles online made easy. Students and coaches collaborate by sharing PGN games and problems with each other. Coaches provide constant feedback to the students by annotating their games shared with them.

Game Analysis

Each and every game played by the students are tracked and we help our students learn from their mistakes by providing them with constant feedback with the help of Game analysis.


Monday to Saturday

9:00 am  to  9:00 pm

Our Coaches


Founder and Head Coach

He has organized several international tournaments that are listed below:

Juan Díaz

National master

Freddy Acevedo


Oswaldo Valentín Requejo Cotrina



I like the virtual academy and would like to congratulate the coach and founder Rubén Garcerán Izquierdo.
GM Deivy Vera
Grand Master
I congratulate Professor Rubén Garcerán for the magnificent idea of ​​bringing the teaching of chess, sports science, to all corners of the world and making it possible for all children and adults who are interested to have the opportunity to start in this magnificent art that is the chess game through this didactic platform with a good teaching program and teachers with experience and knowledge. Congratulations and good luck.
Diego Casimiro
President of the Goya Center Chess Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. you can play chess whenever you want.

Yes. They can store all their Tournament games.

Yes. Only Intra academy games are allowed. See who is online, invite, play!

Students can solve homework, practice positions, Join live coaching session with the coach, Play with other students in the academy, Play blindfold chess and more..

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